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Bits of Wisdom

In my experience, the best way to avoid addictions and address ego is to focus on positive activities. It’s best not to actively ignore the ego. We must acknowledge that ego helped us to survive in the world. Acknowledging thoughts and replacing them with positive ones works well. Sometimes when ego seems difficult, thank it for the suggestion before moving forward to a constructive endeavor. Allow it little victories like locking the door at night but draw the line at waking thoughts that reek of separation.


Address the ego by telling it how grateful you are for its help in getting you though rough situations in the past. Since these phases are now complete, tell ego it’s time to rest and enjoy the passenger seat while the True Self takes on the task of driving.


When ego is in charge, it’s impossible to silence the small mind within. Participating in positive, nurturing activities help us because the more we dwell on ego’s negativity, the more we try to kill it, the more we recognize it and make it real. Repeating a positive mantra or affirmation keeps ego busy when the small mind refuses to be still. “I AM grateful. Grateful I AM” is my favorite. Music, writing, reading spiritual books, participating in constructive endeavors like gardening or keeping company with friends of like mind also help to keep centered in Christ Consciousness.


The trick is to get into the habit of overlooking ego and thereby ignoring it without realizing what you are doing. It’s a sort of mind training, the same way our minds were trained to believe all the things we believe now. The same way we trained our mind to forget the True Self when we first came here.

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Changing Ego’s Role


Through eons of time, egos helped humanity to experience and express, and to expand the richness of All That Is. But now it’s time to end the experiment and return to the Oneness of I AM.


Ego’s job is to create an atmosphere of separation that includes rampant negative emotions. Knowing what ego’s job is makes it easy to see how many of us choose to avoid the voice of our soul through the avenue of addiction. We use addictions to mask our fears and block emotions. Any addiction deprives others, and us, of true intimacy with All That Is and limits the potential for full realization of the Soul. Knowing of the potential for addictive behavior helps us to express the True Self within more readily. Some addictions many people do not recognize are constantly talking, exercising excessively, perfectionism and faultfinding, being a martyr, workaholic, or professional patient dependant on others.


We experience and become what we persistently imagine. A better life is hard to achieve if we think the same old way. Opening the mind and thinking differently helps us to create greater possibilities. Bits of Wisdom offers new ways of thinking and being. It includes edited versions of copy from the Lightworker’s Log Book Series along with channeled messages and additional articles to nurture minds.