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I AM SAM reporting from a new awareness. Everything we experience is subject to how the brain chooses to process it. Our thoughts reflect either the higher vibrating energy of love or the lower vibrating energy of fear.

Dreams hold the key to freedom but they can also take us into a downward spiral. The more we concentrate on any one subject, the more it will show up in our dreams, and subsequently our reality.


Our dreams can control us through mass consciousness, or effortlessly glide us through this matrix, so it's important to pay attention to them. As noted in a previous article, dreams consist of times spent on other realms, messages from Source, and what our brain processes of daily activities. Nightmarish dreams are prompting us to change our thoughts. We must take a long look at our daily activities to avoid them. Are we spending leisure time in positive ways to nurture our self and humanity, or are we paying attention to, and broadcasting, negative activities around us?


For many years I lived in the darkness of depression, self-loathing, great negativity and futility. Lower vibrating energy ruled my world until I learned there is so much more to experience than we can ever know in human form. I finally stopped concentrating on what seemed to be happening around me and changed my reality. I learned that new higher energies fill the void whenever we let go of lower vibrating behaviors.


We are ultimate creators manifesting new visions of wholeness but we must pay attention to our daily thoughts and activities. Everything is made with the same energy. Our thoughts create our reality for we sustain energy by concentrating on it. Let me put that in another way, everything we think about gets our energy. Everything we think about gets our energy! Constantly asking one question can help guide us through this maze of life on earth. "Who do I want to feed with my energy?"


I choose to experience a New World living from the heart that makes sense to me rather than sustain the old reality. I embrace the higher energies of unconditional love, gratefulness, peace, joy and abundance. I choose to be positive focusing on good, Light and Love. I am eternally grateful for your support in this worthy effort.


As noted by Dr. Albert Ellis, "The best years of your life, are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don't blame them on your mother, your environment, the ecology or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny." You can control your own dreams and destiny in a whole new way once you begin to concentrate only on the positive things in life.


Continue to draw in the energy of One, for that, is what you are.


Shine on Bright Light :-)

Let Your Dreams be Your Guide - Podcast Nine


Due to my Southern Baptist upbringing, I often refer to this energy as God. Yet, no name can truly identify the One in which we live, and move, and have all being in.


Today's article notes inner speak communications received this past month. I trust these words will resonate with you as well, for we are truly pieces of each other.


"We are the power of God and we speak for the One. The One of Love, the One of Light, the One of Truth. We speak for the One. We speak for God, the Wholeness. The Light is everlasting. It never ends. Draw in this Light. Let it fill you with the Wholeness that you are. Let it fill you throughout all eternity for there is only one, one Light, one Life, one Love. That, is the truth of your being.


The power of One is within you. The power of Creation to transform all lies within you. You hold this power in the very core of your being. Listen to the channeling of others if you wish but know that the power to channel the One is within you. Meditate, breathe in the power of One. Know that you have the power of One within you. Know that all is well for you. You are a part of God. There is no mistaking here. You are a part of God that lost its way and are now coming home. Rejoice in the power of One.


You never stand by yourself for the power of One is within you. Draw in the power of One. Know that all is well. The power of One shall sustain you in the days to come. Draw in the power of One."


Shine on Bright Light :-)

The Power of One - Podcast Ten


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Regardless of what name you choose to label It as, we are all aware of a power that often seems outside our limited self. The truth is, that power is inside each, and every, one of us. It is an energy held safely within the core of our heart.