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Book of One :-) Vol. 2

Volume 2 continues to lovingly move readers along the path of Oneness. It reaches people in different states of wakefulness and resonates strongly with Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Starseeds.

“The world in which we live remains uncertain as old systems continue to fall by the wayside. Let this not disturb you.  Your true source of BEing remains unfettered by the ways of physicality, for naught is the release to cumbersome ways of old reality (for they are but illusion), but new paths to freedom emerging on unseen levels. These levels shall quickly come to light as more bear the Light of One. This book helps those wishing to do so, to connect with that inner power of Love and Light.

“Place your faith in the greatness of humanity’s True Source as things continue to rapidly change in your world. Placing this faith, as such, allows you to be closer to your own True Self, which sees not the separation so relished by humanity.”


So says the Voice within while drafting this book. Messages came to me from March 2012 through June 2013. I’ve come to realize that the source of communications comes from another aspect of unique BEing, my own, whether from something named the One or an entity named Talia from the planet Nibiru. “Author’s Experience” contains information on circumstances during the time they came, changes in awareness or physicality, or things I do to make the transition of the ages easier. Each communication bears a heading making it easier for readers to choose those that resonate the most for them.


I trust you will enjoy reading this book as much as I do. My purpose in publishing it is to not only serve as a reminder of Home but to help you understand, we all hold the ability to channel unique aspects of BEing including the I AM Presence.


Book of One :-) Volume 2 offers reminders from Home, helpful channeled messages, glimpses of the awakening process, inspiration, and ideas for going beyond our five senses to connect with the invisible reality that underlies physical form. An inspiring and meaningful book, it offers opportunities to reconect with the Source of all things. It expresses new ideas, offers useful advice on the process of ascension (changing one’s consciousness and physical form to be more in tune with All That Is) and shows it’s possible to tap into the unseen world of spirit. The cover image reveals a stream of God Consciousness bursting forth in unique figments (spirit orbs) to interact on earth.



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Volume 2 - Author's Note

Each volume holds channeled messages from higher realms to guide and inspire. Inspiring messages prompt recognition of the indwelling Wholeness of All That Is, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity. Books resonate strongly with those on the path to Oneness. You will enjoy this book even if you do not believe in God, who many now know as All That Is.


Volume 2 holds inspiring, channeled messages that flowed through SAM from March 2012 through June 2013. Volume 2 also shares various insights, extraordinary experiences, and notes signs of body changes for those choosing to evolve more fully.


Life, it seems often to be a dream; and yet, everything here on earth feels so real. Of course, I know it is not. Everything is just a figment of my imagination. Many years passed while thinking about how this earth and its inhabitants came to be. Perhaps I have things figured out now, finally after eons of time, I do remember.