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I AM SAM reporting from a new awareness. Today, I'm reminded of the ways ego feeds the illusion of separation. It draws us away from our Divine Self by prompting us to react to the things around us.

It's much more difficult to hear our Divine Self when the ego keeps us focused on external events. Sensationalistic news, designed to distract us, is hard to ignore if we pay attention to media outlets. These reports will cease, when the collective consciousness completely transforms to the truth, of Unity. In the meantime, it's wise to concentrate on the wholeness of One.


Energy forms around whatever you hold in your vision so the power to transform all lies within you. It's vital to remember that, whatever we concentrate on, feeds it. Thoughts are power, and we give that power away, whenever we allow the thoughts of others to change our perception of reality. Every time we seek to rectify something, seeming to be outside our Divine Self, we are really acknowledging separation.


We are literally energy, experiencing life in a dense, physical form. Universal Truth surrounds us. We are One. There is no separation. Our ultimate responsibility is to nurture earth, and all upon it.


Peace of mind is achieved by maintaining a certain distance from everyday events. Whenever we let go of lower vibrating habits and behaviors, that no longer serve us, we leave a space for new, higher, energies to fill the void. We starve the game of separation by remaining in engaged detachment. To do this, hold a neutral association to any events, while filling everything, and everyone, with a pure, beautiful, radiating, white Light.


Remain neutral, focusing on the Unity within to re-harmonize. By attuning to the neutral pattern of Unity we reconnect with the Divine Self. This personal Power cannot be externally controlled. Nothing is more powerful than the master within. Trust the honesty of the Divine Self. Align with it, while Unity removes everything else from your path.


Continue to draw in the energy of One, for that, is what you are.


Shine on Bright Light :-)

The Art of Non-Reaction  - Podcast Eleven

Dr. Christine Page author of Spiritual Alchemy notes the hologram is a product of light beams that creates the illusion called matter. This so-called matrix is made up of our thoughts. Nothing is solid. Everything is here but we need to raise our consciousness to find it.


Everything is a different form of the same energy and energy forms around thoughts. New holographic images are being produced all the time in response to collective awareness. Since thought creates our reality, it makes sense to pay attention to what we focus on.


Negative thoughts, such as fear and separation, keep us focused on external events. These thoughts are not of the Omnipresent Consciousness. It's vital to remember that, whatever we concentrate on, feeds it. We starve the game of separation, and mold a better world, by avoiding negative energies.


It's much more difficult to hear our Divine Self when the ego keeps us focused on external events.  Concentrating on the wholeness of One is easier to do when we replace lower vibrating habits with new life-affirming ones. Follow the selected links below to replace old habits that no longer serve us. Feel free to contact me if you're aware of other valuable tools to replace lower vibrating energies.


Shine on Bright Light :-)

Detach From the Drama - Podcast Twelve


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