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I AM SAM reporting from a new awareness. We are in the process of a shift, a great shift moving quickly toward Christ consciousness.

The earth is moving to a higher vibrational state as it rids itself of humanity’s negativity, through natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods and fires. Catastrophic events pave the way for higher vibrating energies within individuals as well.


We live in the third dimension, a place of consciousness where the illusion of linear time exists. This environment promotes the feeling of separation to avoid self-improvement. Time, we know is an illusion, and space as well. The shift to heaven on earth increases as we forget the patterns of exclusion, and move forward in time, to its end. What we know as a reality is our oneness.


Carefully chosen thoughts, those are the thoughts to be nurtured. When we understand how things work in the collective consciousness it all comes together. The veils between the dimensions are extremely thin, and those of the spirit world who love and support us are meeting us in our dreams and meditations. Listen closely, for they are offering encouragement and guidance at this crucial moment in our evolution.


Stay tuned as the journey continues.


Shine On Bright Light.


SAM :-)

The Great Shift of Summer 2010

The Great Shift of Summer 2010 - Podcast Four

Picture of our Sun erupting with sunspots from NASA files

We are One living in a state of grace through the power of God. The form that represents us is just one of many forms our soul takes on to help us realize, we are not really a form at all.

We are as formless as our Creator.

We take on these bodies and use them as tools so that we may experience more. So that we may experience what it’s like to be in a body.

There are so many things to experience from being in a body and this is the only way we can experience them.

Yet, in choosing the body, we’ve come to the point where we forget who we really are, spirits in human form, playing a game, the game of human life. We are unlimited. We’ve just forgotten.

This is an auspicious time in the history of man, as we transcend the limitation of life on earth. Go smoothly with the flow, letting go of all that is not in harmony with Light, as we glide quickly to that of which we truly are. In Reality, there is no I, no you, no me. There is no we, no us, no them. There is only One, brilliant, luminous perfect whole.

This has been an interesting week full of old and new ascension symptoms. As the DNA in our bodies change so too does our state of awareness. The rate of progress is different for everyone.

Stay tuned as the journey continues.


Shine On Bright Lights  :-)



Orbs videoed at the Palace of Knossos in Heraklion, the capitol of Crete

Lightworker's Journey :-)

Formless, Unlimited and Free! - Podcast Three

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