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Solar activity has increased considerably over the years. Geomagnetic activity is linked to a mixture of strange phenomenon impacting earth, and humanity.

Solar Activity Affects Humans - Podcast Nineteen

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Common space weather disturbances include solar coronal mass ejection (CME’s – clouds of magnetized gas propelling solar material out into interplanetary space), coronal holes, and solar flares.


The geomagnetic field is increasingly unsettled with active conditions each time CME activity occurs. CME’s and intense solar flares can cause radiation poisoning in mammals. Shock waves from these events typically strike earth’s magnetic field within twenty-four to thirty-six hours.


The geomagnetic field is increasingly unsettled with active conditions each time CME activity occurs. Anomalies in the earth’s overall energetics, and magnetism grids, will continue to affect humanities electrical energy, and electronics, over the next few years. Currently in 2010, we are increasingly feeling the effects of solar active regions, experiencing unsettled levels in the geomagnetic field due to recurrent coronal holes. Solar active regions are growing in both white light area coverage and sunspot count.


Research shows solar activity affects humanity. We are magnetic beings and feel electric currents because they change our magnetism. Magnetic fluxuations within earth’s magnetic field are recognized by sensitive humans emotionally and physically. Geomagnetic activity disrupts electrical power, causes auroras, affects sleep patterns, thoughts, dreams, cardiovascular health, and increases paranormal experiences.


As earth’s magnetics change, so do our bodies. Previously, changes in geomagnetic activity wiped out the species on earth but this time the earth will not end. Changes occurring now help Mother Earth to transform into the New Earth. The earth’s decreasing gravitational field is also a contributing factor to human enlightenment. We are evolving energetically, becoming more Christ conscious, knowing we have the ability to move between worlds.


Only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. Karen Bishop notes in The Ascension Primer that solar flares bring in very strong blasts of higher crystalline energy, the new structure for our bodies. Crystal makes it possible to resonate to a higher level of divine consciousness. This fiber creates a new internal foundation and is necessary to help us adapt to the New Earth.


Surges of crystalline energy are the most forceful, dramatic, and powerful forms of energy shifts, creating the most immediate change within us, pushing the older and denser energies out. These phenomenonal energy surges can cause symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitations, severe bloating, and indigestion.


We now use satellites to lessen the effects of earths constantly changing magnetic fields. Yet, smart power grids, GPS navigation, air travel, financial services, and emergency radio communications can all be knocked out by intense solar activity.


The information in this article is from Lightworker’s Log :-) Transformation by SAM. More information on the book is at Lightworkers Log Books. You can find more information on geomagnetic activity


Shine On Bright Light

Bursting Solar Flares

Two Shockwave Views


What would happen if we stopped being emotional? What would happen if we stopped being so “mental” thinking we had to figure things out? What would happen if we decided to just “BE”?


What does it mean to just “BE”? It means to just live in the Now moment. It means to stop trying to figure things out. It means to stop thinking about changing lives that never were. It means to stop visiting the astral world, the other worlds in which we think we live.


BEing is a state of awareness. BEing, just BEing, is a state of One. It is living in the Now. It is enjoying the moment. It is forgetting there ever was a past, nor will there ever be a future. BEing is Now. BEing is our natural state.


What if the natural state of BEing is to experience, to express, and to expand through loving acts of kindness? One does not need to study. One needs only to BE, to express the God within. Experience, expression, expansion, that is why you are here. You’re here to experience and express Source. And through that experience and expression, Source expands. There is no right or wrong here. There is only expansion and expression through the experience of the soul. Yes, soul is an illusion as well, a required illusion for the body to experience, express and expand. We are One living in a state of grace forever. That is the truth of the matter.


It is always advantageous for the soul to grow, to experience new things. Don’t worry so much about being stuck in the dream. Just BE. Just BE without limitation. Just experience new things without remorse. Just live the love you were born to give. Expansion is in the experience of BEing.


Shine on Bright Light :-)



What if life on earth was an illusion in states of awareness? What if our emotions contributed to the length of our stay? What would happen if we stopped playing the game?

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