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Lightworkers Log shares tools and resources for conscious evolution. Read bit's and pieces of a Lightworker's journey and Inner Speak Communications here.
Lightworker's Log Podcasts of bits and pieces from a Lightworker's journey and messages from All That Is :-)

Enriching the Whole - Podcast Twenty-Three

Today is October 3, 2010 and I’m hearing that, within four months, darkness will be transmuted. Carl Calleman speaks about the Mayan calendar ending the sixth night on Nov 6, 2010.

I’m hearing there are four months to go. The messages continue, and the ones I hear now, relate to the concept of transmuting darkness.


It is my understanding that we are now in training, learning how to merge with the All. We are learning how to merge into nothingness, and yet, to merge into the unseen everything, that is all around us.


“We heat up our control dramas to the point where we roll off the Whole. The Whole is ever so happy to oblige us as we descend into darkness, for eventually, we return more Light back to the Whole, having transmuted that darkness. So naturally, it is our honor to come here, to bring back more to the Whole. So you see why more are descending to earth at this time. All is in Divine Order. All is well.


“You tend to appreciate the dark side, so you can transmute the light. And yet, it is all the same. It is all One Light, One Truth, One Life. The darkness serves in a way unknown to man. The darkness serves as a harbinger of light. It brings you all, to a point of return. And that return is sweet within your soul, the soul of One.


“Remember, everything is magnetics. Just flow with the magnetic force around you. Flow into it. Picture those tiny, tiny, white Beings of Consciousness and merge with the magnetics around you. Merge with the One, and know that all is well.


“Your Self came to earth to express its human self, to expand, to express, to grow. Your Self came here to earth to learn, to merge as One, is what your Self is learning now. Consider the possibilities of your highest good. Flow with those that expand your BEing to its highest potential. Expand into the Being of Light that you are. Expand into the nothingness of which you came, turning the darkness to Light forevermore. This expansion is a new game and all are welcome to join.”


Belief Systems - Excerpt from Death of the Sun - Podcast Twenty-Four

Humans hold certain subconscious beliefs before birth. These opinions include beliefs from past lives. Conscious opinions (ones we are aware of) are based on many things.

The environment we’re born into plays a role in our belief system. We choose the type of environment we will live in before birth based on how we need to grow as souls. It’s up to us to be aware of our ability to evolve once we’re in human form. Our environment includes what we learn from caregivers and role models, especially from birth to six-years-old. Peer groups and other people we’re with can affect our beliefs as well.


Dr. Christine Page notes people can help us grow spiritually or harm us by taking our sense of self and power away to feed themselves. Beliefs can sometimes be smothered by persistent and aggressive lost souls in current lives. These souls disregard the truth others speak because they feel inferior. They are not aware of the true nature of humans.


Humanity’s goals are to love and cherish all living beings, be in harmony with one another, and live in peace without the aggressive, fearful, and destructive threat of war. Our species depends on how well we care for one another. We can help each other by realizing the true nature of our being. We are all Good, we are all Light, and most importantly, we are all Divine Love, a part of our Creator.


Opinions can change based on how we spend our time. What we choose to do and where we choose to go affects our beliefs greatly. Our awareness of what is “out there” can greatly change our belief system. Fearful people tend to limit themselves by always making excuses as to why they can’t do something or go somewhere new.


Keeping an open mind and considering new information helps us to grow. Although it’s hard to go out of one’s comfort zone it helps immensely to open the mind to greater possibilities. Attending classes or reading ‘new age’ materials opens the mind much more than reading romance novels or watching television. Sadly, some people may not have the access to “new” things as easily as others.


Many people believe that we travel in spirit/soul groups throughout eternity. There’s always a spirit from our group nearby when we are in need of direction or protection.


This is an excerpt from "The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) Book One: Death of the Sun"


The power of Creation lies within you.