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Transformation :-)

Book Three: Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

Transformation :-) documents a means to positive change. This amazing journey of self-discovery opens the door to self-mastery. Discover steps to a better life as you immerse yourself in Lightworker SAM’s amazing transformation from fragmentation to wholeness. Purchase the fourth edition of Transformation.


Watch this video! It highlights some spirit energy photos from 2006. The music is by Kevin Roth.

Who am I? Why am I here? Is this all there is? Is there life after death? I began to examine these questions more thoroughly when messages from my departed son Daniel flowed quickly like a tsunami from the Otherside. Daniel’s physical death marked the time to fulfill the contract made by our souls before birth. We agreed as souls to help humans realize we are really parts of God having a human experience. My contribution to the Shift of the Ages begins while purging lower, and more densely vibrating ego parts, honed through eons of earthly struggle and strife.


I AM SAM, a lifelong believer in the power of love. My inspiring life demonstrates the strength of mind over matter. It is a story of progression from desperation to hope, poverty to riches, limitation to freedom, and fear to love.


The awareness that we are spirits in human form having a physical experience came after my son transitioned on April 4, 2004. My quest for self-mastery began the following year when his essence led me through the doors of an establishment teaching the Science of Mind. I soon turned my back on traditional medicine after decades of illness and multiple surgeries. Using Eastern medicine, and the teachings of Ernest Holmes, I successfully cured myself of many maladies, including three incurable diseases.


My book series is a personal account highlighting the process of one Lightworkers awakening. Transformation :-), part three of the series, details the continuing saga of my awakening in 2006. The book shows it’s possible to break free of limiting thought to manifest anything through clear intention. Transformation :-) documents a journey of ever-changing perception that blossoms into a pure state of grace, while I study The Science of Mind and A Course in Miracles. These books make it much easier to progress from a life filled with depression, desperation, illness, and limitation, to one of hope, tranquility, health, and joy.


A better world begins to manifest when I use the books as a guide to freedom. Increasing awareness of the power within us all helps me to reshape my life. I soon recognize that humans are co-creators in physical form. Trusting Spirit, I move beyond ego and fears to finally end decades of prescription drug use. My body begins to repair itself with the power of thought.


New experiences help to reshape thoughts lifting me from the bonds of limitation. Self-Mastery is now a conscious goal, and as perception and beliefs change, experience creates a better reality.


Increasing synchronicities help me to tap into an unseen world. My living conditions improve immensely by the end of the year.


Transformation :-) notes many messages that increasingly filled both sleeping and waking hours. It illustrates the rising of Christ consciousness, demonstrates the strength of mind over matter, offers valuable insights to the largely unseen world of Spirit that guides humanity, and suggests how to tap into It. Transformation :-) also holds:



Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation is now available from New Leaf Distributing.


Using the Law of Mind to create a perfect living environment is enormously rewarding. It is all about monitoring thought patterns. As Ernest Holmes wrote in 1926, disease and poverty cease to exist as we investigate the Truth and put It into operation. Enlightenment leads the way to freedom and Heaven on earth. I AM the living proof :-)

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