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Lightworkers Log shares tools and resources for conscious evolution. Read bit's and pieces of a Lightworker's journey and Inner Speak Communications here.
Lightworker's Log Podcasts of bits and pieces from a Lightworker's journey and messages from All That Is :-)

Suggestions for the 21st Century - Podcast Twenty-Five

These words came to me sometime in 2005. They are things I try to do to keep what’s left of my sanity. I know these are rough days. Take care of yourselves and remember I will always be with you in spirit.


The Awakening Process (Edited) - New Podcast Twenty-Six

In my experience, the process of realizing who we really are starts with the need for change because life is no longer comfortable. There’s a strong desire to improve living conditions.

Assessment of lifestyle comes next. This results in changing bad habits to more life-giving modes of living. This may mean changing nutritional habits; omitting harmful practices such as substance abuse, smoking, or drinking; reading self-help materials instead of newspapers or magazines; avoiding negative people; listening to positive, nurturing music; or watching inspiring movies instead of watching TV.


We create a better life by opening the mind to greater possibilities and thinking out-of-the-box. Learning to consciously control emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds puts us closer to freedom. The next step is to dispel illusions that no longer serve us, such as ill health, limitation, etc. It is vital to take responsibility for what happens in our life, instead of blaming others. It’s also important to stop trying to control other people.


The reality of our true nature as spiritual beings, having a human experience, often takes time to recognize. We achieve greater things by focusing on positivity and gratefulness. Focusing on spiritual growth through journaling; affirmations; meditation; prayer; gratefulness; spiritual classes; volunteer work; and blessing others helps a great deal.