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Lightworkers Log shares tools and resources for conscious evolution. Read bit's and pieces of a Lightworker's journey and Inner Speak Communications here.
Lightworker's Log Podcasts of bits and pieces from a Lightworker's journey and messages from All That Is :-)

The power of Creation lies within you.

The Power of Thought - Podcast Twenty-Seven

We possess the power to create joy amidst confusion, happiness in the mire of disappointment, and peace in a world of war. Van Praagh, in his book Reaching to Heaven notes, when we declare ourselves victims living in fear, anger and resentment, we attract situations that create more of the same taking us further away from God.

Knowing that telepathy stretched much further than the communication shared with my children changed how I thought in later years. Thoughts increase by being given away and the more people who believe in them the stronger they become. We send out thought-vibrations all the time and those thoughts go out into the ether to affect others. As “like attracts like” in the Thought World, we reap the results of our thoughts and attract things, circumstances, and people who think like us. Once we realize the Law of Attraction, the power of thought, we can rest safely and calmly unaffected by the turmoil around us.


A Course In Miracles teaches that we can’t possibly be a victim of this world because we invented it ourselves. We view the world as we wish to see it so all we need do is change the way we see the world. I refused to take responsibility and stop blaming others but remained full of resentment remembering the past and unable to enjoy the experience before me. Life would have been much easier if I’d known that it was all a game we chose to play before we took on our physical forms and that by changing my perception the ‘victim mentality’ segment would end. My world improved significantly as I began to view the situations around me in a different way.


This is an excerpt from "The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) Book Two: A Change in Perception"


Soup of God: Excerpt from Lightworker’s Log :-) Transformation - Podcast Twenty-Eight

The World Healing Meditation (repeated by fifty million people first in 1986) escapes my lips at sunrise. The meditation is part of a daily ritual performed after something wakes me to begin the day.

I now repeat three powerful words, “Peace, Love, Harmony,” sitting in a lotus position on my futon bed facing east, with palms up on crossed knees. Sometimes it’s less than a minute before I feel, and see, the unseen. My palms vibrate as I watch the Stuff of the Universe, the matter of which all things are made.


The day’s reading and treating begins by opening The Science of Mind to a random page. A yellow highlighter notes the words, before structured prayers (treatments) set in motion the fundamental Law of the Universe, the Law of Love. Decades of formal prayer to a God outside me are gone. I know treatment expands consciousness, clarifies, and lets in the realization of Spirit. We connect to this Vital Life Force through treatment, and soon realize we’re one with It. Using the Law of Love, I now consciously plant seeds in the subconscious Mind, knowing with God all things are possible.


Just repeating the word God makes a positive difference. In one of his groundbreaking books, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Volume 6, Baird T. Spalding notes:


“Light and life is all one. You must give it one name always. You can never think of these things but that your body is vibrating at a higher attitude.”


A sense of separation from God keeps us here, so we need to look beyond the body to correct our disbelief in Oneness. God’s energy is everywhere. Every time someone says “God” the vibration of their body changes. And although the word for God is spelled differently in other countries, the letters have the same vibratory influence. When we pray in full dominion, not begging or demanding, our body falls into line and we become the God within. The most definite statement we can use is, “I Am God” or simply “I AM.”


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We starve the game of separation by remaining in engaged detachment. To do this, hold a neutral association to any events, while filling everything, and everyone, with a pure, beautiful, radiating, white Light.