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Book Three: Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

I've learned many, things since my son Daniel died. The first was that we live again and again. Daniel told me this after he made his transition. This is my first book. We are spirit in human form, playing a game here on earth. We learn many lessons to help our soul grow and in turn to expand the Whole, which many refer to as God. That is the bottom line :-)

Book One Excerpts

The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) Death of the Sun

     “That’s Daddy’s chair,” Abigail informs, pointing to one of two children’s chairs.

     The chairs are next to where Joy sits.

     “Come here,” says Abigail to Samantha.

     “Can I take a picture?” Samantha asks.

      She takes one of Abigail sitting on her toy a few feet away from Joy. Samantha looks at the digital picture and is surprised to see several orbs in it. The brightest orb is right above Joy’s head.

     “Do you want to see the picture,” Samantha asks Abigail.

     “Yes,” Abigail replies adamantly.

     “Look I did get a nice picture,” Samantha says as Abigail looks at the camera display.

     Abigail smiles with recognition so Samantha knows her granddaughter sees Daddy in his new form. (Samantha later counts more than twelve orbs all around Abigail as she looks at the picture again on her computer.)

     “Take a picture of that,” Abigail says pointing excitedly.

     “You mean without you?”


     Samantha snaps a picture of the two small chairs with Joy sitting next to them. Abigail starts walking towards Samantha.

     “Oh, did you want to see it?”

     “Yes,” Abigail replies shaking her small head while looking at the camera display.

     Samantha points to the tiny, bright orb above Daddy’s little chair. She quietly asks, “Do you know what that is?”

     Abigail smiles widely, shakes her little head yes, and walks away.

     “You’re a very smart girl,” Samantha calls out.

    Joy remains clueless that Abigail found a way to tell her that she still sees Daddy.

Daddy’s Chair

Wake-Up Numbers 3 & 4

Born to Forget - Podcast Seventeen


We are born into human form after our souls design the details of our new mind-body life on earth. The tricky part of the process is that we agree to forget who we really are, spirits in human form in a dream. We agree to forget that being human is just a game.  

    Nothing in this or any universe is what it appears to be. Everything is just a projection of the mind. Humans remain unconscious of the true reality, as they appear to live in a world of duality. A “sick thought system,” shared by everyone in this false universe, dominates the unconscious mind. God didn’t create this world of duality, humans did. God knows only unconditional Love so it’s not the nature of God to create anything of this world. Consciousness is the domain of the ego and humans, as souls, agree to not wake-up until it is time to do so. We may, or may not, have fulfilled our so-called contracts when we begin to wake-up. And we may not wake-up until we leave our mind-body. Yet, we are all here to be teacher’s of God. Some human beings come to that awareness sooner than others do.

     There are so many clues for us to tap into when we’re ready to: movies such as “Chances Are” and “The Matrix;” songs such as “Serenade” by the Steve Miller Band, “The Wall” by Kansas, and “Silent Lucidity” by Queensrÿche. There are numerous books, commercials, and even common sayings with the word “wake-up” that tell us things like, “Wake-up and smell the coffee.” All of these are meant to prompt our little mind to wake-up to the fact that we are spirits in human form, part of One Mind.

     In later years, Samantha will get many clues from books. One clue, while reading Ultimate Journey, will prompt her mind more than others will. Monroe notes, “The entry ramps to the Interstate is physical death as perceived by most human minds.” The words will not surprise her as she remembers her son’s choice to die on Interstate 95.


    Some humans, maybe all humans, choose their own clues before birth to prompt them to ‘wake-up’ from this dream we call life. I chose to 'wake-up' upon my son's transition. As souls before birth, we made a deal that I would bring him into the dream and he would wake me up when he left his physical body. Now, it's my charge to help others 'wake-up'.

     So what did you choose to wake you up? Do you remember?

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