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Roller Coaster Ascension Ride - Podcast Forty-Eight

As I listen to a coffee and questions segment hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother, while trying to finally sleep, it occurs to me that many others experience what seems to be never ending, and in fact, ever-increasing ascension symptoms. Welcome to the 2011 roller coaster ascension ride!

Some of these ascension symptoms are ones I’ve lived with for many years while others are very new to me. Surprisingly, some do not seem to disappear after processing and transmuting whatever comes to me, but occur most during times of earth changes, solar flares or geomagnetic activity. Sometimes these symptoms appear during a night of restless sleep, where I am up repeatedly, remembering what some people refer to as very, vivid dreams.


My past articles note "dreams consist of times spent on other realms, messages from Source, and what our brain processes of daily activities." It is clear to me that many of my dreams consist of times spent on other realms. Yes, I am working in my sleep, connecting other parts of me, and communicating the message of Oneness, to all. It is the reason why many, more hours than usual are spent in bed.


I have become accustomed to living on the edge and keeping odd hours so it no longer concerns me. Doing transformational work, and clearing dark energies, now seems like the natural thing to do. Explaining my lifestyle to others, without a clue of what is occurring, is quite another matter!


Physical symptoms vary widely. It makes no difference to me why they occur. My concern is dealing with them. Generally, the symptoms decrease when I take time to sit or walk in Nature. Other grounding techniques include placing your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth (ever noticed this upon waking?),  forming a circle with your forefingers and index fingers, and looking out of your third eye. Always drink plenty of good quality water, eat healthy foods, go with the flow, and BREATHE :-)


The physical symptoms listed here are ones this physical body is aware of. Undoubtedly, there are many others including emotional, mental and psychic symptoms. The list includes what I do, if anything in addition to the above, to alleviate symptoms. Many of these are issues experienced throughout the years while others are fairly new to me. Nerve issues, times where it feels like burning, as in hot feet, or pinching about the legs, are new to me this year.


Some of these symptoms have been so severe at times that family members, if they'd known, would have insisted I visit a medical facility. Since I am pretty much out of the "sickcare system" it is not a preferred course of action for me. Of course, if you feel inclined, seek medical/dental assistance for this advice is purely based on my own experience ;-)



Possible Remedy

Aches & Pains

Mainly Body Joints/Spine

Biomat, Epsom Salt Bath, Linden Herbal Tea

Ascension Diarrhea

Usually watery/explosive

Replace lost fluids & *potassium, Ginger Tea

Ascension Flu (Atypical)


Rest & Fluids

Abnormal Body Coolness

Entire body

Hot bath, Biomat

Abnormal Hot Flashes

Radiating from chest area

Cold washcloth on chest

Breathing Changes


Stay calm & BREATHE

Burning Feet

Bottom of feet

Ice packs on feet

Coughing & Sneezing


Stay calm & BREATHE

Dizziness/Balance Loss


Ground in Nature. Grip walls to go outside!

Ear/Hearing Issues


Pull lower ear lobe and use Q-tips.

Electrical-like Vibrations


Stay calm & BREATHE

Frequent Urination

With disturbed sleep

Fluids & * Replace lost potassium

Heart Irregularities


Stay calm & BREATHE  

Intestinal Issues

Gas, bloating, discomfort

Ginger Tea, Baking Soda, Stay calm

Insomnia/Disturbed Sleep


Melatonin or Magnesium (250 mg)

Itchy/Tingling Scalp


This will pass :-)

Middle Back Pain


Ground in Nature or place a crystal there :-)

Motion Sickness


250 mg Powered Ginger



250 mg Powered Ginger  

Organ "Flutters"


Stay calm & BREATHE

Profound Exhaustion


Sleep as needed ;-)

Restless Body "Syndrome"


3/6/9 Omega Capsules-2 1,000 mg with o.j.

Sensitivity- Sounds/Smell/Taste


Get use to it ;-)

Skin Rashes


This will pass :-)

Teeth/Sinus Issues


This too will pass, unless a dental issue ;-)

Unusual Headaches

These rarely occur but can be very painful.

Massage, Feverfew herbal tea, & rest

Vision changes


Get use to it ;-)

* To replace lost potassium, I drink o.j. (orange juice) with added calcium and vitamin D or eat a banana. You can also drink V-8 or tomato juice or eat other high potassium foods.

Note: Ginger tea (made from fresh ginger root) is also useful for nausea and motion sickness. To make the tea, add about a one inch piece of peeled and sliced ginger to one quart of water and then boil it for 5-15 minutes. Depending upon the strength and type of ginger used, 20-50 drops of tincture is also used to make tea. The taste of ginger tea may be improved by adding a touch of honey and lemon slices.