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Some people in this illusion unknowingly serve to keep the game of separation alive by noting that others suppress us, lie to us, and further strive to keep us “dumbed down.”


The truth is, there is no body, and there is no soul. And I am beginning to wonder about spirit. The one thing I know for sure is, there is One in which we live and move and have all being. That One appears as part of All That Is, was, or ever shall be.


However, as long as “we” believe there is a body, “we” can consider the possibility that it is only our brain, the small mind of one, which imprisons the body. “We” have not “been lied to” or suppressed. Thinking this only serves to keep us imprisoned in a human body where “we” pit “us” against “them.” Free will offers us a different way to think. Taking responsibility for our self makes all the difference.


Everything you think changes when you look at things differently. My grandson is quick to tell me, “Think out of the box Nana.” I believe it is the best advice I can offer to anyone seeking a better life. Pay attention to the messages from people seeming to be outside yourself for they deliver crucial hints as to what you need to remember.


There are many different ways to perceive circumstances. Find things to be thankful for and blessings in times of loss. And please, remember, “we” are One. What “we” say or think about others “we” say or think about ourselves. What “we” do to others “we” do only to ourselves.

Life is but a Dream



Dreams Are Helpful Clues

We all have dreams. The trick is remembering them so we can document the messages that sometimes hide between everyday happenings. Over the past six years, I have learned to not judge or try to make sense of my dreams but to just record them for future reading. Of course, sometimes, honestly, I just forget them until prompted to transcribe the tapes. And that is the reason why I am now focusing on this article.


It still amazes me that dreams often offer a “heads up” in times of turmoil. Many times dreams either gave me extremely valuable advice or offered glimpses into the future. The tape I was just prompted to transcribe notes several dreams that told me not only when I would move but that I’d lease a house. They even gave me glimpses of what it looked like!


Dreams also offer evidence of “bleed through” where my essence wakes me to recall living other lives. Dreams encouraged me with glimpses of a happier, more abundant future and hinted at what I would be doing now as we move quickly back to the blissful state of Oneness.


The best advice I can offer you is to meditate or sleep more. As you meditate or before you fall asleep, decide what kind of guidance you’d prefer. Some people ask a specific question while others may want to hear from angels or a certain departed loved one. Asking to hear a message for your highest good is always beneficial.


Pay attention to your thoughts, your dreams, especially to the people you seem to interact with while seeming to sleep. Many dreams of departed family members clued me into the importance of documenting dreams. Yeah, I know this is a temporal mind illusion but as long as we seem to be here, we might as well pay attention to clues that help us to lead a more joyful, loving, healthy and abundant life.


We are receiving much more assistance from what many refer to as “the other side of the veil” now. Sometimes departed family members offer us gifts but we remain unaware of their guidance because we are just too tired to remember our interactions with them. Do yourself a favor and set aside more time to tap into that Source of One. It is always broadcasting and we just need to tune in to hear the messages that will offer us the freedom we seek.

Bits of Wisdom


This morning’s dream further awakened me to the fact that this is all a game of illusion. Everything here is devised to keep me believing that I am in a human body, having a physical experience, to help my soul evolve.

As I transcribe tapes recorded four years ago, it astonishes me to get physical proof that guidance from the Higher Self is always waiting to be recognized. The tapes document dreams and daily happenings that got me through a very difficult time. Although I did not recognize the messages when they came in dreams then I sure do now for they gave me hints of things to come.