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Everyone has a story. For the Lightworkers I know, it's a tale of past dramas, tragedies, challenges, significant turning points and major achievements.

We are all multi-shaped pegs no longer concerned about fitting in to the usual designated mold. Our soul's chosen paths have not been easy to follow but that is our human lot in life.


Listening to the stories told by my new friends during the Hay House Writer's Cruise  made me realize I've passed another significant milestone. I no longer relate to the human part of my 'story'. Repeating my tale of woe will only cause emotional reactions in those who hear it. Although some may feel compassion and love others feel negative emotions. Recognizing that all I concentrate on feeds the energy that helps it to survive, I no longer wish to feed negative energy.


To some, selling books is all about marketing. If all the designated boxes are not checked, the t's crossed and the i's dotted, you're out of the game. I've been told there's a new game in town and our voice will be heard regardless of the old ways.


I know all is in Divine Order as the sun sinks too quickly before my eyes while we head back home to Fort Lauderdale. We will each reach our designated target audiences regardless of whether we fit in the box or not. It's all a part of the plan.


Stay tuned as I relate my journey as a Lightworker.


We Are Light. Shine On Bright Light.


SAM :-)

Lightworker's Journey :-)

Lightworker's Journey - Podcast One

St. John’s Path near the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse

As the middle of my chest continues to flutter, like a small bird trying to get out of it's cage, I too am striving to break totally free of this dimension.

Perhaps, you feel the same. Yes, we are moving forward at an alarming rate of progress, toward the Light. Do not feel alone in the journey.


Today I woke lying on my stomach, with the left leg raised as if climbing stairs. It was a real treat to recall that for many years I could only sleep on my back.


My ascension symptoms seem to be increasing, but thankfully they are not as bothersome as in the past. Ascension basically means a change in perception. We are moving toward the consciousness of Christ knowing, we are connected as part of One. Some of us are fully aware of the process, while others may not recognize the signs. In a nutshell, the DNA in our bodies is changing as we more closely align with Source. The change from carbon-based to crystalline allows us to function much more efficiently in higher frequencies.


The rate of progress is different for everyone. My physical symptoms started with a feeling somewhat like the flu. Nearly falling over with exhaustion, there were many times when I just had to sleep. Next, I had face rashes, which I attributed to prescription drugs. There were literally times when I'd wake with multiple red splotches covering my normally pale cheeks. Now, years later and free of the twelve drug prescriptions that ruled my life, I occasionally see a few red splotches, after a night of restless sleep filled with odd dreams and messages. Today, my body feels lighter, as if gravity is loosening it's effect, while the atoms within my skin jump erratically about like a sailor abandoning ship.


So many people note the signs of change. Read this article, the blogs, and follow the links at DAD's Wake-Up Web Site for more on ascension symptoms. Please feel free to comment here and on the Lightworker's Log Facebook page. Let's get through this next phase gracefully with ease together.


Stay tuned as I relate my journey as a Lightworker.


We Are Light. Shine On Bright Light.


SAM :-)

Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms - Podcast Two

One of many Caterpillar friends.

A hidden cocoon.

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