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Book Three: Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

Book Description

Lightworker’s Log Prayer Treatments

The same is true of all thought so it is vital to fill our mind with only positive thought. One way to do that is to pray. Repeating prayers helps to change our point of view and inner health. A change in how we look at things makes it possible for us to change everything, including our body. Thoughts hold much more power than ever imagined. Maintaining a positive attitude is the first step to health. Our bodies respond to thoughts so changing the way we think changes the way our body functions.


Many of these prayers helped me to change my reality, from fragmentation to wholeness, by transforming ideas and beliefs. After two years of habitually repeating treatments, envisioning an enjoyable unrestricted life, I became completely free of the thirteen medications that ruled my small world. After decades of despair, sickness, poverty, and limitation, I am now living a hopeful and joyous life of wholeness, excellent health, freedom, and prosperity. I cannot promise this for you because thoughts, I have learned, are everything. You are in total control of your own thoughts! So what do you have to lose?


The story of how these prayers made a positive difference for me lies within the Lightworker's Log book series, specifically the third book, Lightworker's Log :- ) Transformation.

Energy surrounds us on this planet called earth. One of the ways we form this energy is by thinking. Our thoughts play a major role in what occurs in our life. Good thoughts manifest good things.


True Vision CD/Podcasts

Prayer Treatments Podcast

Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log helps to train our mind to think more positively. I chose to repeat many of these prayers every day some, like the World Healing Meditation, for several years. Saying it always made me feel good. And now I no longer have the three incurable conditions diagnosed along with several other diseases by multiple doctors. I am sure that this book not only makes a difference in how we see the world but helps to manifest a peaceful world and healthy body as well.


The nine-track “True Vision Sample CD” includes: The World Healing Meditation,Successful Use of Spiritual Mind Treatments,Perfect Physical Health Treatment, The Healing Song, Non-Reaction to Outside Forces Treatment, Supply Treatment, Money is Coming to Me, Fatigue Treatment, and Worthy. I now offer it at cost to those purchasing Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log, if purchased through me or this web site. You may purchase the book, the CD, and shipping and handling within America for a total cost of $8. Use the Paypal link or mail your order to Rev. SAM, P.O Box 39385, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33339-9385.
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Musical Selection Credits


“The Healing Song” - Words: Karyl Huntley, Daniel Barwick, Michael Sakir, Doris Jones; Music: Karen Drucker & John Hoy. “Money Is Coming To Me” - Words: Karen Drucker; Music: Karen Drucker and John Hoy. Find “The Healing Song,” “Money Is Coming To Me” and many other inspiring musical selections at

“Worthy” is from the CD, The Great Awakening, from Anthony Burbidge, available, in addition to more inspirational music at

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