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Book of One :-) Lightworker's Log

Book of One :-) reaches people at different states of awareness and offers glimpses of an increasing awareness of Christ Consciousness (awareness of the soul’s oneness with God). It is an excellent bedside companion.

"You can change your perceptions of earth very beyond what you have here".


This message entered my mind upon waking one morning in 2006.

The journey of changing perception varies but altered perception always creates permanent change for everyone. Since it’s impossible to see what we do not believe, sometimes the journey accelerates when loved ones transition to the Otherside. More help than ever before now flows through the veil of forgetfulness. Departed loved ones offer unique opportunities to alter our perceptions by speaking to us after physical death. They continue to help us more easily make the transition of the ages.

Years of listening to departed loved ones helped me to realize that continually adjusting perceptions and beliefs paves the way to new experiences. Perception builds on the basis of experience so it’s helpful to see things from different points of view. We can then choose the point of view that leads us to greater good. A New World is emerging quickly. But we must change our perception to experience it fully, for as our perception changes so does our way of experiencing the world.

All things are possible with limitless thinking for our thoughts change the circumstances around us. We can master every condition by changing our perception of how we see it because our reactions control what happens in our world. Universal Energy belongs to, and works with everyone. We are a part of this indestructible energy. Once we realize the divinity within we set that energy free to show us we are unlimited in all that is good.

Because our mind is a distribution center for the entire Power-in-Action of the Originating Thought, we can manifest at will. Tuning into that Awesome Power in which we live, and move, and have all BEing makes this possible. Changing perception to more closely align with It changes the world we experience. Connecting to It allows us to be at peace regardless of what happens around us.

Life improves drastically when we focus on the Oneness of all humanity. Ultimately, we are here to recognize that we are a unique part of Spirit, God, whatever term you choose to name the unerring and perfect one, in which we live, and move, and have all BEing. The Book of One helps us to recognize this.

Tapping into that Consciousness in which we live, and move, and have all BEing becomes effortless with practice. This learned behavior frees us from limitation. The Book of One helps us to tune into the Universal Energy of which we are. I trust you will enjoy reading and contemplating the messages within the Book of One as much as I do.

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Volume 1 - Author’s Note

Each volume holds channeled messages from higher realms to guide and inspire. Inspiring messages prompt recognition of the indwelling Wholeness of All That Is, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity. Books resonate strongly with lightworkers, wayshowers, starseeds and those on the path to Oneness. You will enjoy this book even if you do not believe in God, who many now know as All That Is.


Volume 1 holds inspiring, channeled messages that flowed through SAM from 2006 to March 2012. Volume 2 holds subsequent messages through June 2013. SAM also shares various insights, extraordinary experiences, and notes signs of body changes for those choosing to evolve more fully.


Life, it seems often to be a dream; and yet, everything here on earth feels so real. Of course, I know it is not. Everything is just a figment of my imagination. Many years passed while thinking about how this earth and its inhabitants came to be. Perhaps I have things figured out now, finally after eons of time, I do remember.