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Return to Light :-) John of God Helps [Lightworker's Log]

The Casa de Dom Inacio (Casa) draws people from all avenues of life. Many, with a variety of dis-ease, come as a last resort. Some may not believe in what many refer to as God but have exhausted, or so they believe, all healing possibilities. People may visit, after learning of healing miracles, either to experience healing themselves or out of curiosity.

Return to Light :-) John of God Helps

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Most people truly believe world-renowned Brazilian healer and Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, known as John of God, heals them of various disorders known only to man. The truth is, through a variety of unseen entities, John of God helps them to be more in harmony with their Higher Self.

News of the Casa draws some individuals for unknown reasons while others may know they are coming to boost their Light quotient. Yes, some of us believe we are returning to the forms left behind eons ago when we decided to become humans with denser bodies. We are consciously taking in more Light each day. Although I had no reason to believe this trip would assist me in the journey back to Light, something prompted me to go. It came in the guise of helping others.


We are, in essence, parts of All That Is who have forgotten our true and Divine Nature to change all circumstances to our liking. John of God helps many souls calibrate and become more in harmony with the One of All That Is.


Although my brain wants to sort everything out, and write in the usual subsequent fashion, my greater Self often finds that words flow, quickly running from mind to hand, as the expression of All That Is directs. This type of writing is not new to me but today offers the first opportunity to channel a work somewhat not of this world. This world, as many are beginning to know, is illusory in nature and consists of consciousness that interacts with thoughts, deeds, and actions taken by many lost in the dream of separation.


“In Truth, there is no separation of BEing but only the seamless Whole of Perfection. This Truth is becoming more evident as each day passes into nights of All That Is. Many dream of the realms beyond earth life and know there is something more. Many know, without a doubt, that this is the land of play, the place to experience, express, and expand while continuing to be a part of the Whole of All That Is.


“There is nothing outside of this whole but the light of One continues to strive and keep all in the darkness of being alone in the experience. This is a necessary process for all to recognize their own true power, the power of All That Is, which lies inside of the keepers of One. The layers to humanities separation are cumbersome, and dispelling, for all who attempt to find the trueness of One. Let them fade into the darkness of nothing from whence they came. Focus on the Light of Truth, the All That Is, which resides within each seemingly separate part of the Whole.


“This Light is everlasting and quells all thought of separation when in tune with All That Is. John of God helps those that wish to calibrate and harmonize consciously and those who wish healing on other levels. It is all the same. The calibration and harmonization’s occurs regardless of the aspirants’ readiness or ability to recognize it.


“All things in time, and all time in things of earth. For this truth, we leave the Whole of One to play in the darkness of a much smaller part of Self. This fact, as all others on earth, is an untruth known only to man. Earth beings are of a certain vibration that must calibrate and harmonize back to the Oneness of Being. That Oneness of Being is All That Is, a perfection of Wholeness and the only Truth that exists. Although we may ramble on, there is an essence we wish to convey.


“The Truth of All That Is lies within each figment of the Whole. That Truth is known, and revealed further, as the one of separation asks to receive it.”