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I AM SAM reporting from a new awareness. As humans, everyone has a story to tell. My story is just that, a story, nothing more, nothing less.

My journey of awareness accelerated with the death of my only son, the boy I conceived at fifteen years old to love me, for the rest of my life. I'm not exactly sure where it ends. But it has blossomed into a life worth living, a life filled with wholeness, freedom, abundance and love.

Life has a strange way of showing you what you need to know to recognize what is real, and what is not. When my son first communicated from the Otherside I had no doubt it was his voice. We'd always cherished the ability to communicate telepathically. This time, the only difference in our communication was the fact that he was physically dead.

Over the course of six years, my spirit son led me from despair to hope, limitation to freedom, sickness to health, poverty to prosperity, and most importantly from fragmentation to wholeness. I realize now it's all God. It's all about God leading God. We are parts of God that have lost our way and it's time to return to Oneness.

This body's journey unfolds within the pages of my books, designed to help people recognize their true power. Upon reading the true-life experiences that guided me to my current heaven on earth, readers see it's possible for anyone to live a joyous life worth living. If I can do it, anyone can.

The power of Creation to transform all lies within you.


Stay tuned as the journey continues.


Shine On Bright Light :-)

My 'Story' - Podcast Six


July 11, 2010


"Trust in the Lord thy God, for the Lord thy God is the way, the only way, the only truth, the only one. Trust in the Lord. The Lord thy God is the way, the only way, the truth, the Light. Trust in the Lord. There's nothing to be saved from. Trust in the Lord, thy God, the Light.


"Know ye that ye are one, one everlasting Principle of Life. The maze before you is not real. The illusion exists for only a short time.  Let it fade into the nothingness in which it came. Know ye we are one and the truth of the Lord speaks through each.


"Know ye all is an illusion but the Light is everlasting. Know this and be safe in the Lord, in the god of your heart, the one whole.


"There are a few things that you must do to secure the area, to secure yourself for the rough days ahead. These things in time will come to you. The time is nigh for soon the world will change never to return to the old ways.


"Hear ye, and speak thy truths. The time is nigh.


"Listen and seek not outside yourself. The world is behind you now, the world that never was and never shall be.


"Seek not outside yourself for the world is within."


"The Light shines within you, out over the land, the land of truth, the land of Light, the land of Reality. The land of Truth is within, within all, something that is sorely needed to know. Spread the word. The word of God is within all. Listen and hear. The way of the Lord is nigh. The Light is everlasting. You are the Light."


Stay tuned as the journey continues.


Shine On Bright Light.

Here's a communication from Book of One :-) Volume 1.

You Are the Light - Podcast Five


Picture of Ring Nebula from NASA files

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