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OMG, So Relating Now! From Bits of Wisdom


Okay, it’s time to admit that my life changed drastically on April 1. And now, the reason finally occurs to me. It’s all about relating to what seems as pieces outside of me, the rest of humanity for unless you experience these things, you have no idea what it feels like. That is what this is all about. Well, part of it anyways…

You see, in 2008, I found a way to escape the hectic pace most people seem to live. I dropped out of the usual matrix of living a mundane life, of taxes, banking and receipts, of needing others, of the necessity to leave my sanctuary. Of course, it didn’t come easily but through lifestyle changes, positive affirmations and visioning over time. Right before being booted from my sanctuary with a mere 36- hours to move, by what appeared to be a greedy landlord thinking he’d quickly sell the home I’d so carefully filled with Light and kept up over the past four years, I even found a way to pay utility bills with cash.


I was ecstatic to be on my own, without care or reason to seek outside myself, or physically communicate with others. Yet, my soul (illusion that it is) and it’s plan to assist in morphing closer to Truth, knew it was time to move out of my treasured comfort zone right when I’d think there couldn’t be a worse time. After all, I was fully prepared to sit in relative safety in the security of a pristine atmosphere, leaving only to stock up on fresh vegetables and fruit, at least through 2012. Ah, but once again my soul knew it was time to move on.

Looking back now, it’s easy to see how synchronicities and listening to my intuition made the move so much easier than it could have been. The path since April Fool’s Day (yeah, the joke’s on physical me) has not been easy. Clean, comfortable, affordable  places to stay at often seem impossible to get. And the few offers for sanctuary came from people living in limitation I did not care to share.


Obviously, not everyone drinks spring water, buys organic food, or possesses a reverse osmosis water filtration system to use for cooking, washing fresh foods and ice. And of course, not everyone concerns themselves with planting fruit trees and organic vegetables.


However, does everyone live in dirty houses, filled with smells, mold and clutter (sometimes stacks of it throughout the room and even under the bed) and peeling paint? Does everyone need an animal for company? Is it too much to ask for a clean bathtub and private time to use it? Perhaps I’m spoiled but isn’t air- conditioning necessary in Florida, particularly in the summer months? And most importantly, are the lightworkers who live as I did too fearful of sharing their space with people of like- mind?


These questions occurred to me with each offer of sanctuary. Yet, each place I ended up at benefited from the Light I spread. Isn’t that a part of what this experience is meant to teach, to spread Light regardless of circumstances? Isn’t part of this experience meant to help me face unexpected circumstances and still be able to expand instead of contract?

Apparently, despite this physical body’s preference, my soul chose to do more than just sit in a safe, clean, pristine ivory tower, write articles and books to raise people’s vibrations, do podcasts, movies, design web pages and upload everything to various websites.


Quite honestly, I do not like the change for numerous reasons. Physical activity increased from twenty to eighty percent during these past two months and I’ve stayed at more hotels than I can recall. It now costs more than twice as much to live and ten times the number of people cross my path each day. Times spent since finding one of my visioned places in another state have been less than desirable. I now anxiously wait for contractors to build my next pristine sanctuary there (even knowing it may take much longer than expected).


Today’s experience, and ego’s reason for writing, included necessary visits to two local banks, avoided like the plague for years. Does everyone look the other way when being charged and fingerprinted to cash a check drawn on the bank it came from? Is it just me or does someone else see though the lack of privacy the so- called privacy act claims to peddle? Yes, I see how some people may think it’s the only way to live but fortunately others do not and are now striving to change the ‘system.’ Still, I cannot help but think how everything will soon quickly morph to the Oneness we all use to know so well.


All that’s left for me to do is to continue spreading the only message that matters. We are One. There is no other. Those appearing apart are really sections of our selves, waiting to be recognized, accepted and loved. Forgive them if you must but know that they reflect a part of you. And realize those reflections do not, in any time, way or form, need to reflect anything but Truth, wholeness, beauty, joy, peace, prosperity and love.

Living in Harmony from Bits of Wisdom

Everything is energy and everything is Spirit. Physical bodies are shadows of our divine essence, each on certain vibrations out of tune with the higher frequencies, unless we take the time to reconnect with All That Is in all aspects. The Essence is within us, always prompting us to see beyond the illusion, and recognize that we are gods of matter.

We live in a world of duality and experiencing darkness spurs us forward by giving us the contrast we need to search for, and create, something new. Suffering is an indication that we are out of harmony with our Self, with the law of our being. The sole use of suffering is to purify, to burn out all that is useless and impure. Recognizing mis- perceptions helps us to purge their lower and more densely vibrating energies to raise our frequency.


Our natural Self knows the truth. Opinions, judgments and unforgiving thoughts do not exist within All That Is. Fear is one of the greatest denials of the reality of All That Is and a barrier to growth. It came into existence when the illusion of separation began. Fear is our identification with the body, values of the brain, and personality, but it’s not natural to us.


Emmanuel notes, “Fear is the necromancer who takes a functioning, beautiful physical being and transforms it into precisely what you fear.”


Fear is always the cause of illness and places an incredible burden on the physical body. We begin to experience great moments of illumination when finally ridding ourselves of fear. When the body is no longer disrupted, it’s able to function harmoniously. The lifting of the veil begins and we remember who we really are, spirits having a human experience.


Chaos always leads to the creation of a better world. Many people who seemed hopelessly apathetic now search to better their lives because of the darkness souls agreed to create. Darkness is merely a degree of Light unaware of the Love within. Darkness offers us opportunities to transmute lower vibrating energies not in alignment with the purest version of ourselves.


We recognize traits in others that we possess. Everything we hear, even the inner voices that speak to us, comes from our own selves. The situations we face are the ones we create in our own mind. Open your mind to a new way of thinking. Learn to clear and clean darkness through forgiveness, allowing your soul to move further along the path of spiritual growth.


Harmonize with All That Is more fully. Thank people who offer necessary experiences to spur humanity towards the willingness for positive change more in tune with our true being. Allow your heart, your own inner wisdom, your own intuition, to be the final authority and trust that you are God.