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Humanity exists within an ever- changing matrix of possibilities. Everything, seen and unseen, connects to everything else and thought contributes greatly to physical experience. There are no idle thoughts. Even the slightest vibration of thought produces form at some level.

We are creators of circumstances since thoughts draw to us what we dwell on. What happens in life depends greatly on how powerful we know our thought to be and how we portray that thought. Thinking of anyone in a negative way is harmful for thoughts permeate the mental medium between us. What we think about others is really what we believe about our self and what we do to others, we do to ourselves, so it’s vital to train our mind and consider only positive thoughts.


Problems show up as the body’s ego attempt to separate, to react and feel things such as guilt and anger. Once we give validity to ego’s world, we reinforce everything that seems to be around, which allows it to thrive. Projection of guilt onto ‘others’ is a way of escaping from unconscious guilt. The guilt we feel is really about our seeming separation from All That Is, the One in which we live, and move, and have all BEing.


All living things exist within All That Is. As a drop of ocean water is part of the ocean, so too are we part of It. There is no separation from the One. A Course in Miracles explains:


“Your other life has continued without interruption, and has been and always will be totally unaffected by your attempts to dissociate it.”


If you know your thoughts are powerful, and speak them with great intensity, they manifest much more quickly. The “Third Insight” revealed by James Redfield ( speaks of this dynamic energy noting that thoughts influence other energy systems and increase the pace of coincidences in our lives.


Remember, humanity’s true nature is unconditional love. We are here on earth to experience, express, expand and recognize that true nature. It’s vital to thank and subsequently invalidate the ego when problems surface. When we negatively react to what happens around us we can thank ego for getting us through life and then recognize our Oneness. We can then forgive our self for believing the contents of the ego mind. Sometimes it helps to start by forgiving whoever you think offended you for not knowing we are unique parts of All That Is experiencing life in physical form. Eventually we learn only our self needs forgiving.

All About Love from Bits of Wisdom

The power of love surrounds us in many ways and we need only open ourselves to its many possibilities to experience them.

Many mystics note love is the force that brings the greatest effect. When Divine Love flows through us our need for others to love us diminishes. Divine Love is the state of BEing, a willingness to merge and connect without force. A state of wholeness reflects within the individual contained by this force of love. It allows us to commune outside of time and space.


Loving oneself is vital so that we may learn to love others unconditionally. According to Emmanuel, the soul’s greatest need is self- love, which leads us to grow and dispels judgments. Self- love helps to unify us all for we are unable to accept others until we accept ourselves. Upon achieving unconditional love and awareness of self, we then know how to love others.


We identify mis- thought by the way we feel. If our mood is depressed, anxious, or anything but wholly joyous, we react with a lack of love and ego rules our world. We become one with All That Is by recognizing mis- thought and deciding otherwise. Ego’s rule is over when our collective consciousness unites.


The consciousness of love within us seeks a place to express itself. Love is a gift, which we must give. We can help each other by realizing the true nature of our being. We either judge as an expression of fear, seeing the physical, or forgive, as an expression of love, recognizing the spirit.


Expansion comes through the heart. Every bit of kindness and love given to others adds more Light and power to God’s Truth. Having negative thoughts and acting out the separation ruse is really a call for help as one looks for love. When someone acts negatively, they offer you the opportunity to bless and unconditionally love them.


Love is the key. We are all Good, we are all Light, and most importantly, we are all Divine Love, a part of our Creator. Eternal life is ours as we end separation and unify in the oneness of unconditional love as an integrated soul dedicated to total acceptance of All That Is.

Global Choice from Bits of Wisdom

Two choices face humanity. They are well known in the New Age era, the lower vibrating frequency of fear or much higher, more in tune with All That Is, frequency of love. Mainstream media appears to promote the lower vibrating frequency of fear and separation.

Watching or listening to mainstream media news serves only one purpose, to separate humanity into individual slots with unlimited potential for separation. This keeps humanity locked into the game of self- preservation in an unfriendly world. By lowering your vibration to that of fear your thoughts betray you into thinking that someone else has your own best interests in mind.


We all want a life of health, wealth and happiness filled with joy and love. The truth is we have the ability to mold this world for ourselves into exactly what we desire. We do this by carefully monitoring our thoughts, our words, intentions and actions.