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Living as a human is not as straightforward as it seems for upon birth varying degrees of spiritual amnesia force us to forget our true nature. Each finite physical body hosts an eternal soul that bases different lives on what it wants to experience. Our soul plans each life very carefully before coming into human form.

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Humans take turns living various roles throughout many lives. Everything evolves around the Divine Laws of Love, Balance, Order, Cause, and Effect. As souls, we choose what family to be born into and when the day and time of our birth will be. We create our life by what we choose to believe. And we choose when we will leave our physical body behind. When a soul chooses to leave the physical body it leaves despite earth ties.

The primary goal is to experience unconditional love through space and time. Consciousness transcends all space and time and souls agree to play roles because their eternal love is an unbreakable connection that passes through every barrier. Unconditional love is our true nature.


Souls agreeing to play “special love” or “special hate” relationships help one another to learn the primary lesson of unconditional love. Those appearing to play ‘bad guy’ roles are also spiritual friends and allies. As unique parts of All That Is, souls help one another learn that everyone is innocent because physicality is not our true form.


Emotions often point out the need for a change in perception. Staying lost in our own emotional dramas makes it easy to blame others for our emotional well- being. In truth, those “pushing our buttons” offer opportunities to work out issues with traits such as patience, intolerance and judgment. What we think about others as humans is what we believe about our self. We live in a dream world of our own making so the next time someone irritates you contemplate what you need to change within your own self of one.

Consciousness Transcends Space from Bits of Wisdom

The Illusion of Life from Bits of Wisdom

We are One, living in a state of grace through the power of All That Is. The form that represents us is just one of many forms our soul takes on to help us realize, we are not really a form at all. We are as formless as All That Is. We take on these bodies and use them as tools so that we may experience more. So that we may experience what it’s like to be in a body.

The illusionary human form allows us a plethora of opportunities to expand awareness. There are so many things to experience from being in a body and this is the only way we can experience them. Yet, in choosing human form, we’ve come to the point where we forget who we really are, an extension of All That Is projected into physical reality to experience that which we are not. As souls having a spiritual experience we play the game of human life to create in physicality. Yet, we are unlimited. We just forgot. Amnesia helps us to be less homesick for our heavenly existence and allows us to start each life with a clean slate.


Souls create each life based on the level of consciousness held before birth on earth. Soul agreements before birth determine the souls that will serve as family, friends, and other key people, all based on what our soul chooses to learn. Some souls agree to play easy roles, while others choose challenging roles, which many humans may find distasteful. Yet, we all play different roles to help one another in various lifetimes. There are no coincidences, for we plan both major and minor things that happen to us, in favor of soul growth. Reincarnation is the process that allows each soul to experience every human condition, as the path to full spirituality and eventually back to All That Is. Some souls chose to return to that treasured state sooner than others did.


Although each life offers opportunity for soul growth, the goal, the end of the game, is the same. We are here to help one another experience unconditional love in a new way realizing there is no limitation whatsoever. We are here to recognize our unlimited potential of good as parts of All That Is. Eventually we learn to express our true nature through unconditional love, health and well- being, abundance, joy and creativity.


This is an auspicious time in history, as we transcend the limitation of life on earth. Go smoothly with the flow, letting go of all that is not in harmony with Light, as we glide quickly to that of which we truly are. In Reality, there is no I, no you, no me. There is no we, no us, no them. There is only One, brilliant, luminous, perfect whole of All That Is.