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The ascension process takes us through many life changes to help our souls evolve. Opportunities to adjust perceptions and beliefs increase and moments of great insecurity occur during times of massive growth in the soul’s progression.

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Souls choose certain experiences to serve as vehicles that encourage us to let go and reconnect to All That Is. Changes allow souls to undo past efforts to return to the perfect state we arrived in when first created. Signs of ascension include disruptions in everyday life including employment and relationship changes, health issues, and location moves.


Employment and relationship issues signify changes in body frequencies. As part of the ascension process, some people find themselves in health situations making it impossible to work their usual job. People find it’s time to come into balance, take a break, and then find work more suitable to higher ways of being. Working a ‘regular job’ becomes impossible when it’s time to end old roles. Some people get laid off or face other reasons why their usual job no longer matches their body’s vibration. Relationships change as well. Soul’s purposes and intentions now demand that we pay attention to the plan our soul chose to create, thereby learning that support from others is no longer necessary.


Souls may choose a physical form with a potential for a specific dis- ease (lack of ease) to help with the spiritual growth of self and others. Some live with a condition from birth, while others use it as a release valve, designed to react when life gets to a point where they do not care to go any further. Dis- ease seems to worsen as fears surface along with an increase in body aches and pains.


There is no better time to rectify imperfections and allow the Light within to shine. A health crisis forces us to let go of our usual ego- based ways of control, which opens the way for a greater connection to Source. Health emergencies can impact us, and the people around us, in many ways. They last until we adopt new ways of being, until we align ourselves. Fear and doubt disappear as Divine Love flows through us and we adopt higher ways of being.

Signs Of Ascension from Bits of Wisdom

Crisis is a learning process in this schoolroom of illusion and the greater the dis- ease the greater amount of love and learning there is to gain from it. The healing of the body in the ascension process requires letting go of all things, even the thoughts we consider our own. Souls may chose dis- ease to offer the opportunity to transcend genetic factors. Our external universe, internal physiology, and perception directly control the activity of our genes. We can control our genes by challenging thought patterns. Bodies are learning devices for minds, changing as we transmute denser energies (fear, dis- ease, limitation, etc.) to allow more room for higher vibrational frequencies.


Non- attachment to this illusion helps us to overcome it. We have the power to transform our environment but need to seek the quietness necessary to go within and restore inner peace and centeredness. Illness often forces us to take the time we need to reject the concept, substitute one of wholeness, and realize we are spiritual beings in human form.


Although the body makes its own dis- ease, sometimes illness has a sufficiently strong hold over the mind to render a person temporarily inaccessible to undoing it. Bodywork, using methods such as acupuncture, toning (sound and vibration), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (opening of the crown charka), all work to release physically held fears. The Law of Attraction then works in our favor as we raise our vibration. Lower vibrational energies clear away from us for they are no longer comfortable being around us.


Higher vibrational frequencies continue to pummel the planet with new energies of Light. They allow us to relate as more open, loving, expressive, and peaceful beings if we chose to do so. These energies are necessary to transform our physical bodies for evolution. We no longer remain in tune with the ways of old when our bodies become more in tune with these frequencies. The change signifies new ways of being, which result in the remembrance of our soul’s planned contribution to humanity and deeper connections to All That Is.