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There comes a time when we sense there is more to life. Many souls design their earth life with clues to help them recognize their true nature. Hints from the Otherside such as dis- ease (lack of ease) and relationship issues can be easy to miss. Some people may ignore the soul’s subtle hints while others choose to investigate feelings and experiences. Ever increasing dis- ease and relationship issues can occur when we miss those subtle hints to awaken the God within us.

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Thoughts make the difference between health and dis- ease. Health is our natural state of being, however, the soul attracts what it secretly harbors, loves and fears and body is but servant of the mind. Illness and dis- ease are the result of ego’s beliefs and the resulting fears that block emotional flow. Feelings are signals and always have purpose for nothing happens by accident. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the body. The energy required to repress feelings causes a strain in both body and spirit. Resistance creates conflict and causes the energy flow to turn back on itself. There’s no conflict if you release your feelings and where there’s no resistance there’s no harm.


Negativity plays a huge role in dis- ease. Ego thrives on conflict and is happy anytime we react negatively. It becomes strong in strife. We react to things if they bring forth something within us that is a match in vibration. When we hear of somebody dying, or going through hardship, we may feel pain and grief, forgetting our infinite, and powerful spiritual nature and react negatively. Or we may feel his or her pain and experience compassion.


The choice is always ours. Replacing negative attitudes with positive ones vastly improves our world for negativity ceases to exist as soon as we stop feeding it our energy. By paying attention to thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, we conserve the Universal Energy within us making it easy to manifest our perfection. It’s merely a matter of changing our perception, our awareness of things, to form newer and more positive beliefs.


Many people now realize it’s time for change. As humans, we recognize traits in others because we share them. These necessary interactions support spiritual growth. It’s time to claim our own mis- thoughts instead of finding fault with someone else. The time to stop comparing, to stop judging others and ourselves, and to learn the ultimate lesson of love is here. There’s never been a better time to end the separation game, to be more, question, grow, and expand recognizing our unity.


Ego’s limiting ways stop us from realizing we are from the same source, a part of each other. Fear holds us away from Reality as we allow ego’s emotions to rule. The original fear we carry deep within is a separation from All That Is. Understanding that fears are illusions, and not reality, frees us from the original cause of illness and dis- ease. We are individualized reflections of Source, a part of All That Is and never separate.


Change is inevitable for spiritual growth. We are on our way to improving the world around us when we learn the purpose of feelings that fill us with negativity. Feelings serve their purpose when we let that negativity go. Positive thoughts stop the ego from using us. Cheerful, strong, pure, and happy thoughts build up the body and dissipate ills.


Beliefs are imagination’s fuel for the more we think of them the more they become a part of us. Attitudes placing us more in tune with All That Is help greatly to experience increasing states of awareness. Ultimately, we are here to recognize that we are unique, unerring and perfect parts of the One in which we live, and move, and have all being.

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