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There seems to be a dramatic increase in Florida storms this year. I’ve learned to welcome them for the rain keeps a lid on the heat and offers energies that spur us forward.

Encouraging messages always break through the veil of illusion when these storms occur. Several days ago I heard:


“It is time to concentrate on the big picture of Reality. All things fall away in the true scheme of things. The meaning on this road never ends because it is an illusionary road we call life. The road is in our mind. You’re going to go the distance this time. You’re home free. In these trying times, the key is faith. Faith is the key to all things.”


Lightning flashed in the distance last night as the all too familiar wave of exhaustion overwhelmed me. Sleep soon offered a refuge from the muscle aches and tiredness but I woke within the hour with an ache in my temporal lobe. Once again, my throat felt like sandpaper until I drank from the water bottle on my nightstand. I made my way to the bathroom by gripping the walls to steady myself. This type of activity has become normal for me upon waking during the night for I’m still wobbling between dimensions.


After waking several times over the course of a few hours, it was clear that other energies were refining the new human template. A message broke through the lightning and rain:


“It is time dear One. It is time to merge, to merge back with the One in which you live. In the Whole you are free to grow, to expand, to enrich all around you. Merge with the One. Know you are Light. Know you are the Wind. Merge with the One knowing all is well. Merge with the Good. Merge with the Love. Merge with the Light knowing all is well.”


The usual heat saturated my body. I lay spread-eagle upon the bed anchoring myself with one hand facing up and the other palm down as my heart pounded in tune to the slight throb in my head. It seemed easy to merge as a sense of lightness filled me from head to toe. I merged with the surrounding air for several minutes before drifting back to sleep.


The sun seems to have disappeared from the sky. Storms continue to surround the area in which I reside. It’s raining again. Thunder echoes all around me. Yet, I know that the paradise where we live as One remains secure. That place becomes closer to our reality each day. Expand your energy field and merge with the One to feel it.


Shine on Bright Light :-)

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This world is a temporal illusion. Our greater portion exists in the world of Light. It is an unlimited unified energy that individual souls became separated from in the process of creating various life forms.

Focusing on our creations, we became entrapped in the physical and lost our connection with the higher vibration, unlimited Source. This led to the concepts of duality and karma, cause and effect, as a means to eventually eliminate the artificial concepts of good and evil.


Ernest Holmes and others note karma is the Law of Cause and Effect, the compassionate dynamic through which we learn to create responsibly. It's neither good nor bad, and when we choose the cause, that choice includes our choice of an effect. Things that the individual sets in motion through the law ultimately "swing back" to the thinker.


Karmic Law works through the Medium of the World-Soul and is the result of how humans use their mentality. This mental tendency is both individual and Universal. Soul contains a record of our inherited tendencies and everything that has ever happened to us. Although these memories represent the subjective tendency of our life, we can change this predisposition with constant effort and a determined persistency of purpose.


Karma is not a "balancing of books" but material to be transformed. It is a mode of learning, the set of circumstances chosen in each life to find areas not yet in Truth. Emmanuel notes, as our awareness deepens,cause and effect come about more rapidly until the process of balancing is instantaneous. At that point, cause and effect cease to exist and there is only Truth. We are merging back into that glorious state of being now.



Shine on Bright Light :-)

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