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We are consciousness in human form. As humans, we live in an illusory dream world where "power games" are played. Controlling other people with words or actions is usually done on an unconscious level.  

Usually, people have no idea that they’re involved in “power games”. They just know that saying and doing certain things to other people makes them feel stronger. Energy thieves have either forgotten how to create their own energy, or have lost their spiritual connection to Consciousness, God, the Source, whatever term you relate to.


Energy theft can lessen a person’s confidence, for humans are often fearful when threatened verbally or physically. They feel forced to pay attention to the person threatening them. This gives the “thief” their energy and helps them to feel stronger, while the “victim” feels weaker.  


Dr. Christine Page tells us, “Energy stealing is happening all the time and is more successful when an individual is shamed, fearful or in despair, for then they will easily surrender their energy to the lowest bidder.”


Energy stealing is often played by socially isolated people with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Bullying is common in homes where those bullied regain their self-esteem by shaming others, who are less able to answer back, such as children, partners, and animals. This type of control over others is damaging and “sucks the vital energy out of those who are being dominated”.


People at the highest risk of energy field theft include those with a need to be liked or needed. They may desire harmony at any cost and have a passion to help or change others. Some people may need approval or acknowledgment. Of special note now being much more related to current earth time, fearful people are at high risk of being the victims of “power games”.


There are four main ways used to steal energy. These energy stealing methods are known as “interrogation”, “intimidation”, “pity me”, and “aloofness”. The method we use to compete for attention in childhood expands into the way we steal other people’s energy in adulthood. Learning our own control drama frees us to become conscious of our actions. If we are aware of our own  drama we can focus more clearly on our spiritual mission.


Humanity is raising consciousness to new levels of compassion and tolerance. We are here as humans to further spiritual growth. It is time to end the old world “power games” and to clear old patterns of suppression. It's vital to remember that all negative behavior is really just a call for love. When someone acts negatively, they are offering you the opportunity to bless them.


Consciously aware humans obtain their energy without stealing it from others. They get their energy from Source. They look beyond the control drama of “thieves” to see the real person (spirit), and radiate loving energy their way. The “thieves” feel that loving energy and give up their way of manipulating for it.


This article is based on information in “The End of My Soap Opera Life :-)” book series, “Book One: Death of the Sun” and  “Book Two: A Change in Perception”. Read about the books here.


Shine on Bright Light :-)

Power Games - Podcast Eighteen

To Dream Or Not To Dream

The illusion of time continues to lead me down an ever-changing path of perception.

Many people place a great deal of significance upon manipulating their dreams. Since everything in my brain, including my dreams, is illusion, there seems no further need to manipulate the dream state. A Course in Miracles reminds us that illusions must be forgiven on the realm they are experienced.

But I am not so sure that what many now refer to as "Lucid Dreaming" is the way to do it. I do admit to participating in past-life regression workshops to change events seemingly in the past. However, that is quite different than "Lucid Dreaming."


Dreams are a mix of daily activities processed by our brain, messages from our Inner Self and stuff from mass consciousness. Of course, I’m aware that some believe certain humans do manipulate humanity from so-called higher realms (as in the movie Inception); I prefer to recall everything is illusion. And manipulating anything, or performing remote viewing, seems an invasion of one’s rights and privacy, of which I prefer not to be a part of.


It is my belief that as souls, we chose to be here to experience certain things and it is not my charge to manipulate anything. It is my mission to spread the Word, to share the Light, our true form. I don’t plan on coming back to this earth but I’m still told I could create things for other humans in the dream state. It sounds like it’s a matter of choice as to what I shall do with my remaining time here. And in all honestly, the same is true for you so carefully envision the world you wish to create in, or out of, your dreams.