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Book Three: Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

A Change in Perception documents SAM's new awareness as she begins to make different choices to improve her life. This is a deeply personal book that explores SAM's steps to enlightenment as she recounts her psychic and spiritual experiences. This book offers a beginning blueprint for any spiritual seeker who wants a deeper spiritual life.

Book Preview

The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) A Change in Perception



Most people thought I went crazy when my son Daniel passed out of his physical form. Some of them still believe I’m living in the twilight zone. Throughout my full and colorful life I’ve kept track of almost everything with journals, poems, family pictures, videos, and class work assignments. I’ve incorporated these elements into the design of this book.


This book shows how my point of view changed over the year 2005. It offers insight to my experiences by seeing them in another way and reminds me of how far I’ve come in the journey of ascension (rising of Christ consciousness). Notes related to my beliefs at the time the book was written are identified by italics. They describe lessons learned, revelations concerning life situations, my current state of mind, or messages received while writing.


My perception of life drastically changed as Daniel transitioned on the Otherside. He helped me to open my mind and consider new thoughts thereby giving me the key to a new understanding. A thirst for information about life after death that began after a near-death experience at age sixteen renewed and became unquenchable. It grew slowly as I listened to Daniel’s guidance on what Web sites to follow and quickly progressed as he led me to books and classes.


Increasing awareness of the power of thought helped me to realize that reshaping my life was possible. New experiences led to insights that helped change my perspective creating a different perception of events. My concept of life continues to expand daily with each new experience.


Because my current journey started with a change in thought patterns, it’s useful to point out things that happened which were misperceived in my mind. The first book of this series contains a bibliography of the resources I was led to early in my mourning process. I don’t recommend it now for it’s an emotional roller coaster ride. You see, I’m writing at the level of awareness that I’m currently in and that level seems to be changing as rapidly as my life conditions. As I continue to understand new ways of thinking, the nature of my thought process changes and I no longer relate to my old ways of thinking.


I knew Daniel’s Palm Sunday passing was a wake-up call within a few months but still wasn’t sure what it meant to ‘wake up’. Words such as consciousness and ascension were not in my vocabulary making it all the more difficult to understand what was occurring within. It was finally time to reconnect with Source, to move beyond my ego and fears and blindly trust that there was more to life than I consciously knew.


The year 2005 brought with it another life, a turning point. Juggling business meetings between watching my grandchildren was no longer an issue. My volunteer days came to an end as I withdrew from the national, state and local activities that once meant so much to me. They no longer mattered. Daniel’s death, which I referred to as a passing, gave birth to many issues that were outside of my ordinary experience. In time, I’d learn this was necessary for my consciousness to evolve.


Since I wrote the first book in this series I’ve learned that thoughts do indeed shape our world. Daniel’s guidance from the Otherside helped me to plant the seed and change my thoughts to ones of increasing positivity and spiritual growth. The progression accelerated with recognition of the need for change. Life was no longer comfortable and it was time for me to do the work of my soul. I had to let go of the world as I saw it and begin to improve my living conditions before I could do what I came here to do.


In 2005, it was time for me to stop the constant talking and start listening to my Higher Self. It was time to learn how to control my emotions, to stop reacting and adding negative thoughts to mass consciousness. I begin changing my reality by transforming ideas and beliefs. Self-Mastery becomes a subconscious goal as I start learning how to master emotions, thoughts, desires and feelings. I’ll soon realize that all things are possible, all things thought projections. Using my free will to change the circumstances around me, my quality of life begins to improve.


After more than four years I see how my mis-thought affected everything around me. It was easy to keep the habit of paying more attention to the behavior of others than to my own actions. Concentrating on what other people did or how they acted left little time to think about fixing my own life.


We affect the entire world with our thoughts and changing the way we think also changes the world around us. Neale Donald Walsh, author of the Conversations with God book series and many other books, notes a change in perspective makes it possible for us to change everything. Perspective creates perception, which forms beliefs. What we believe generates our behavior and subsequently our experience. Experience creates the reality of our life.


My journey of self-discovery really accelerated when I realized we see what’s in ourselves when we judge others. By watching and judging others I separated myself from everyone and after a while realized it was time to change how I thought. The thought of Source Reality descending was still a foreign concept. There was a long way to go before I recognized myself as a Lightworker, a way-shower here on earth to help others learn the truth of their being, but I was finally on my way. By the end of the year I was closer to changing everything about who I thought was ‘me’.



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