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A Nurturing Atmosphere - Podcast Forty-Nine

Atmosphere plays a major role no matter where we live. When we live in a nurturing atmosphere it is much easier to receive guidance from our Inner Self. Little changes in living conditions can make a huge difference in our state of mind and overall health. Here are a few tips that make living conditions more favorable to connecting with Self.

Plants not only look appealing but also add oxygen to the air. Consider a vegetable garden  and growing herbs indoors. Philodendron and other types of ivy grow well inside. African violets are another option if you remember to water them a little bit every other day. Cactus grows well without water for weeks.


Remember, our bodies are 70-90% water that takes on surrounding energies. Nurturing music spreads throughout the air, filling it with loving energy. Listen to several types of music to decide which type is best for you. Choose inspiring music that fills you with joy, with peace and love. Classical music, without words, helps to keep us out of the past and can be very peaceful. Spiritual and "New Age" music can be calming as well and fills us with joy and love.

Clutter tends to draw lower energies. We free our mind of the past, making it easier to live in the present moment, when we rid ourselves of possessions that carry strong memories. A clean atmosphere is much more conductive to connecting with our Inner Self. Colors can make a difference as well. Pastels, blue, green and yellow create calming, healing, nurturing atmospheres.


Be aware that everything has a vibration. That vibration affects your physical body. Scan the area where you live to identify vibrations that may be affecting you. If you notice a negative change of mood pay attention to the cause. Do you have a lot of electronics around you, such as televisions, cable, or converter boxes? Unplug them and move them away from you for a month to see if it makes a difference in your state of mind.


These are but a few of the things I have found helpful to improve my overall state of health and ability to communicate with what many people refer to as God or Spirit. I trust you will find them useful.


Be aware that everything has a vibration. That vibration affects your physical body. Scan the area where you live to identify vibrations that may be affecting you.

Working with New Energies - Podcast Fifty-Nine


First of all, I want to come out of the closet to state my bottom line, everything is illusion. Everything here, even the words written here, even the words that come out of my mouth, is merely an illusion, a figment of imagination. That being said, while we seem to be here on earth in human form, we alone choose the illusion in which we live.

Energy attracts like energy. I note this after spending minutes with two beautiful butterflies on this Mother’s Day. Old paradigms fade quickly away forcing us to live in different ways. This change even affects the way we support ourselves while still in human form.


We will all eventually learn that Spirit, God, whatever name you choose to define the consciousness in which we live, supplies our every need. It is our true Source. Support may not come in the form you desire but often shows up in surprising ways. A network within this Matrix guides, supports, and protects all who choose to live in the Light.


Sometimes it is not easy to stop the old habits of marketing to create an income but the network always assures that we have exactly what we need, and often more, when we finally accept the fact that Spirit is our source. I verify this truth through this physical host.


Like energy attracts like energy. There are no exceptions so be careful what you think.


But in the end, it doesn’t really matter ;-)

Experience Speaks

"Yeah, My Dead Son Talks to Me," could have been the title of the Lightworker's Log book series. But after many such experiences, which expanded into even more profound glimpses of other realities, I have come to the conclusion that there is much more on, and beyond, earth than we will ever imagine. Upon reading about my "story" I am certain you will either agree with me or call the looney bin to cart me away.


Humanity has imagined too many layers between the Power within. Experience taught me that we exist in a temporal mind experiment. There is only One, one Light, one Love, one Life and we all exist within that One. As souls, we choose to experience life in different forms throughout time and space. I could go on and on but am trying to keep this communication simple. The point is, we are here to experience, express, expand and ultimately realize that there is no separation. There is only One in which we live, and move, and have all BEing.


Open your mind to consider other states of "reality." And if you are already aware of your true nature, consider leading others to entertaining tools that will help them to open their minds as well. There are three books in the Lightworker's Log series to help them . The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) Book One: Death of the Sun and The End of My Soap Opera Life :-) Book Two: A Change in Perception are also available on Amazon Kindle with color photos.


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Although some people may call me crazy, I cannot recount, or discount, the many extraordinary experiences that led me to the state of mind in which I now exist. Open channels of Love and Light exist. They become more expansive with each passing day in this Matrix of illusion.