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Lightworkers Log shares tools and resources for conscious evolution. Read bit's and pieces of a Lightworker's journey and Inner Speak Communications here.
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Lightbody Activation from Bits of Wisdom


Clear your mind to experience this light activation fully. As thoughts arise, store them in a wooden ship that sits amid calm seas. Place all concerns and people that come to mind on the ship. Allow the ship to drift away while you take this journey into the sea of consciousness. You may choose to close your eyes and listen to this podcast.

Feel a sense of lightness fill your body as you drift upon the sea of consciousness, as if lying on a float in the ocean. The seas are calm as your body rocks slowly upon the float. The ultimate Heaven, nirvana, lies ahead. There’s a knowing that your float knows exactly where to drift as your body feels at peace with the elements of Nature. You soon come to a place of perfect union with nirvana, the supreme experience.


A huge shining circle beckons you forward. There’s an arc of golden light that stretches to embrace you as you look into the circle. The circle fills with golden light before your eyes and then expands to cover everything, including you. The all- encompassing light embraces you in a perfect state of Oneness. In this state of BEing, you are aware of pure peace, yet exquisite emotion.

It is impossible to experience thoughts of separation. Nothing exists as a separate piece of matter. Everything is joined in perfect continuity within this Perfect Environment. Cozy warmth is all around you. It is of you and through you. There is no up or down as you float in warm soft clouds. Rays of brilliant light, in ever- changing shades and hues, flow within the clouds. The pleasure of good fills your senses as each ray bathes you with its light. This nirvana is where you belong for it is Home.


All the colors of the spectrum continue to come and go. Each color brings a different relaxing or restful happiness. Ruby- red rays of light prompt meaningful thoughts of something beyond what you know as light. You move slowly and effortlessly through the cloud, listening to the music that surrounds you. The Music is around and within you. And you vibrate in harmony with It. You are a part of It, and It is you.


This purity of Truth is the longing, nostalgia, sense of destiny that you felt when you longed for Home, now fulfilled. You are Home where you belong. Familiar others are joined, bonded to you, with a great single knowledge of Oneness. They are you. You are they. Gentle waves of love pass effortlessly between you, filling you with a completeness of love. You are Home, where you belong, in perfect balance.

It is time to activate the Light of Oneness. Brilliant white light now flows through every part of your being. You sense this Light, moving effortlessly throughout you. The Light is a familiar part of your true being and you welcome it with immense joy. It moves in waves, filling you with a sense of completeness, of Oneness with all things. This Light of Wholeness holds the memory of your Lightbody perfection. It is the Light you will take back with you to complete your earth journey. Bask in this light now. Bask in the memory of your Lightbody perfection.


You may activate this light at any time you wish for this light is you. Now it is time to return to your float. The memory of how to activate your being with the Light of Home remains within you as you drift upon the calm seas of consciousness. Far off in the distance, you see the wooden ship that houses all thoughts, concerns and people you left behind. Will you allow yourself to chart a new course? Is this the beginning of a new adventure? The choice is, and always remains, yours.


Inspiration derived from Journeys Out Of The Body by Robert A. Monroe.

BEing is Centeredness

"BEing is centeredness."


These words came to me in August of 2008. I had no idea what they meant. A quick Internet search helped me to understand the concept of centeredness.

“Centeredness is the art of not being moved by the surroundings, not projecting ones fears and desires into ones perception of the world and keeping ones spiritual core untouched by circumstances.”


Further searching revealed: "The more centered we are, the more outer events adjust themselves to our inner control, because centered energy is stronger than dissipated, reactive energy. Meditation is the art of learning to live from one's center, because it dynamically brings our consciousness into the spine. When our energy is centered there, we are in tune with God and our spiritual nature.


"Albert Einstein said that the significant problems of today can't be solved at the same level of thinking that created those problems. When we react in kind to a negative or even mundane situation, we only perpetuate its consciousness. We can never control things outwardly. We can, however, control our own energy. Lahiri Mahasaya's advice for overcoming any problem was always the same- to meditate more, because meditation centers and raises our consciousness and strengthens our aura. Through regular meditation we literally change our destiny."


Meditation is a wonderful way to center and at some point, I believe, we are able to live our life in constant meditation, in other words, centeredness. Centeredness is a state of detached BEing where you see, and at times humanly experience, things but do not react. For when you react, either negatively or positively, you feed not only the circumstance but the state of awareness that keeps you in a limited physical body. We may not all wish to end this game of earth life. But centeredness is the desired state for those of us seeking to complete the cycle of birth and death on earth.


Several question may assist to help one decide what to do before reacting to circumstances.

What purpose does this serve?

Is my reaction feeding an energy which no longer serves?

Am I ready to let this circumstance go without my feedback?


Knowing we are ready to move on can lead us to the perfect state of BEing that once was ours in all aspects. That state of BEing never left. We just forgot that it existed. It is time to recall and experience the unlimited life of Divine Self, an ever- present state of centeredness.



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