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Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

Book Three: Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation

Lightworker's Log :-) Transformation documents a means to positive change. This amazing journey of self-discovery opens the door to self-mastery. Discover steps to a better life as you immerse yourself in SAM’s amazing transformation from fragmentation to wholeness.

Butterflies & Grace

There’s so much to write about. Today, I get to write about butterflies. I’ve always loved the beauty and freedom of the butterfly. I’ve learned this past year to appreciate the caterpillar as well for it represents a state of transformation. I used to count the number of butterflies and caterpillars that came to me, but have now lost count, and see no reason to begin counting again. They are gifts from God to reward me, help me on my way and to boost my faith.


The beginning of my butterfly metamorphosis happened shortly after Daniel passed. His essence guided me to begin the arduous task of viewing family videos to find happy segments of him for a single VCR tape. I watched a certain family vacation video repeatedly. Each time after I watched it something odd occurred.


The video showed Daniel placing a big, plastic, palmetto bug in various places to startle family members. It was very funny. At one point, I even joined in the fun and tried, to no avail, to freak out Rebecca when she woke.


Each time after seeing the video segment, a large palmetto bug, much like the one in the video, confronted me. This happened sometimes within a few minutes of watching the video, to after I began to catch on, a few days later.


At first, I killed them with bug spray but soon sensed there was nothing to fear and I had to portray this in my actions. The palmettos were just coming to let me know Daniel’s spirit was indeed still with me.


I finally began to talk to the creatures and tell them not to fear for I would set them free outside where they belonged. Over a period of about a year, or more, I freed numerous large, and then smaller, palmetto bugs. I eventually began to do it in front of James using a small tissue, instead of a large container or paper towel, to grasp them.


I began the Science of the Mind 101 series last year in late September. Things changed as I learned. A few months ago, I began to explain to Divine Mind that palmettos were not pleasing to my physical body’s eye. I preferred to see butterflies instead. Almost immediately, I began to see a large number of butterflies, each day, through the windows facing east. They were varied in color and size, from the common type, to butterflies that were brilliant yellow, variations of orange and green, black and orange, black and yellow, or solid orange, black, or white.


The most amazing occurrence at that time was the morning I woke to find at least a dozen baby caterpillars in their cocoons clinging to the north bathroom window. They were either on the outside of the window, upon the inside of it, or on the screen inside the house. Each measured only about 1/16 of an inch. It happened in the only bathroom that I use and was an amazing demonstration.


I then got to the point where I began asking for a specific kind of butterfly. In time, I asked for a golden orange butterfly, with large yellow spots, and a black spot within each yellow spot. I finally spotted a tiny, baby butterfly fitting that description while taking the time to observe the Center’s grounds.


On that day, something guided me to leave earlier than necessary to volunteer as snack person for a movie. A bird hopped onto my car and told me to “come out and play” upon arriving. It was a glorious time lasting ten to fifteen minutes, as I circled the grounds looking at the beautiful foliage, flowers and creatures. I saw numerous other beautiful, and some unexplainable, things to the logical mind.


For instance, as I began to search for an unlocked door, the grass path leading to a normally unused door in the back suddenly brightened as I watched (like in the Celestine Prophecy movie). The door was unlocked. I also found a lost receipt for roofing supplies and gave it to one of the Reverends.


At home here, the butterflies continue to pass by my east and north windows. But they have not been as frequent since the rains began. However, caterpillars continue to seek me out. The first time I saw one was when I heard to “look out the door.” I left my room and went to the only door that I use to enter and exit the house. A caterpillar sat securely on the wall directly in my line of vision. I blessed it as I have now become accustomed to blessing just about everything. I then asked the caterpillar if it had a message for me and distinctly heard it ask to come into my room.


I’ve lost count of the number of caterpillars coming to me over the past six or so months. For the first four months, I put fresh leafs and flower buds from the night blooming jasmine into a water bottle cap each time I brought a caterpillar into my room. The most notable butterfly occurrence happened when Spirit sent me to see Amos.


The butterflies and caterpillars continue to visit sporadically. Today I pulled a caterpillar out of the upright lampshade upon noticing it trying to free itself after I turned the lamp on minutes before...


It’s interesting to note how being in a state of grace can utterly change one’s perspective. This was a time where the body that I inhabit lived in a state of pure grace. Being in this state allowed me to not only communicate with nature but love unconditionally as well. Everything seemed perfect at this time despite physical appearances.


At this moment, I realize this experience was an exercise in unconditional love. Samuel eventually told me, the creatures I so lovingly harbored were not caterpillars but millipedes. If I’d realized these creatures were not caterpillars I would have ignored their requests to enter the house. Yet, even when the creatures defecated in my hand, I looked at the occurrence as a gift from Source. How different the world will be when we all live in a state of grace!

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