“Knowledge is the one thing that cannot be learned for it is instilled within the deep recesses of the Mind of One...

Volume 1   Knowledge

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“The world is changing quickly and you are changing ever more quickly. Thank you for allowing yourself to grow...

Volume 1   Lightworker

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“Stand clear of the chaos. We are always with you. Continue taking in the Light. Continue bearing the Light...

Volume 1   Wayshower

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Sharing the Law of One

Book of One :-) Excerpt - Lightworker’s Message

“The world is changing quickly and you are changing ever more quickly. Thank you for allowing yourself to grow by ridding yourself of past trauma. You know it is necessary to do so to continue on at the great rate you now find yourself in.

Do not be dismayed by the fast progress, or the slow progress of others, for you must realize it is all really just you. You are a Being of Light who has chosen to experience this as quickly as possible to get back to the One of All.


Concern yourself with nothing of this world for the world continues to drastically change, as you stand by, not knowing what is up or down. Do not let the dribbles of time affect your vibration, for that is what will carry you Home, quicker than the blink of an eye. Be sorry for nothing, and no one, and remember this is but a dream, a poorly planned dream of nothingness, and despair, for many who care to indulge in the senses of the little mind.


You are free to do as you please, and recall please, that you are being watched over and cared for by Beings, not of this illusionary world, and yet we too are illusion. There is no dark where the Light shines and know that you and others hold that Light ever so brightly now.


Be truthful to your Source of One and know all is going according to plan, the Divine Plan of One, to return the many fragments back to Wholeness. It is a necessary process that will quell the heart of many savage beasts. Beware nothing and fear not in the days ahead. Know all is well and shall be forevermore to those who hold the Light of One.


Speak not of separation for naught does it serve you. A knowingness comes to the many soon so prepare to teach the Law of One. You and many others will serve in this role of Light. Know this and be assured as you move along the path to Home. All is well and can be nothing else.


Book of One :-) Volume 1

Metaphysical Growth